Effective Service Relies on Seamless Implementation

We accomplish this through a systematic approach while treating you as our collaborator. 

Written by Edvin Parisalu | @upsteem

From the beginning, we work closely with you to help fine-tune our software for your unique needs. Together, we’ll determine those needs and appropriately implement our software and services.  

You may have well established policies and procedures, as well as a clear need. In those cases, we will help you in software implementation. You may be on the other end of the spectrum and want to develop an appraisal and feedback process. Naturally, consultation will be more in-depth and more services may be necessary.

For instance, we have access to top-notch external HR consultants. If necessary and with YOUR prior consent, we will utilize their expertise to ensure proper preparation and smooth implementation.

Let’s continue with a high-level view of our implementation process for a feedback system. 


Preparation and Internal Communication

Like snowflakes, no two feedback systems are alike. Therefore, implementation relies on preparation that is based upon your organizational structure and culture. To ensure meaningful analysis, it is best to begin with a pilot department and specific survey type to serve as a case study. Additional consultation may be necessary on what competencies and values are best to provide feedback for and the most effective practices for communicating feedback.

We will then help prepare your team for the feedback process and ensure buy-in through creating tailored communication drafts for your managers and employees, e.g.:  

Check out the full application draft!



Now that we are prepared and your communication strategy has been tailored, implementation can begin. Leadership starts from the top, and implementation should as well.  

For example, we’ve helped organizations, such as Statoil, Road Administration, ect., implement a more effective feedback process through increasing the reach and personalization of their internal communications by utilizing video messages from managers.   

Naturally, the scope of your HR project will determine the complexity of your specific implementation process. It can take as little as a few hours and as long as a month. If extensive system setup or integration with payroll and/or other systems is necessary, it will be the latter case. 

Regardless of the scope of your HR project, our software, people, and additional resources possess the capabilities to ensure seamless delivery.  


Product Demo and Example of Setup Documents


At Upsteem, we are more than happy to provide you with a few examples of what we can help you accomplish. Because Upsteem’s software is endlessly customizable, it is impossible to demonstrate all product variations. 

Nonetheless, below is a list of demo materials:

Answering view with the most common answer types – HERE

  1. You can change the language and colors in the answering view.
  2. You can adjust question type and create tailored questions
  3. Reports are ready-made in Estonian and English
  4. You can preview reports with various graphs
  5. If you wish to personalize your report’s design, we can do that for you

Example of ready-made system reports - HERE

The report design can be changed based on the client’s wishes. The system enables “Print preview” reports with more graphs.

Examples of company structure and survey setup using spreadsheets - HERE 

These spreadsheets enable you to edit company structure and categorize respondents into surveys. We can provide this service or you can complete the operations manually.  

More detailed presentations of our services and product are found HERE.

Reaching the “BUY” Decision


We believe in streamlining any process and understand that you and yours are busier now than ever. Therefore, it is our mission to create as much simplicity for you as possible.  

You will always know what you are paying for. You will know what the license cost is and we will act as your fiduciary in determining what level of consultation is needed, if training is needed and to what degree, and how much assistance with implementation you need.  

As with everything else, our offer process is simple:   

  1. Agreement to submit offer or invitation to make an offer 
  2. Consultation to analyze your needs and timeline 
  3. A demo will be provided, custom IT needs discussed, timeline proposed, and offer made 
  4. Offer negotiation and any amendments 
  5. Final offer approval and project plan


Contact us today to ensure that your team remains sharp and able to operate within today’s dynamic business environment!

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