Early this morning, 9 May 2012, we launched the latest update to the system. This brings with it some new functions.

The latest innovations to the system are:

  • New user greeting – all newly registered users are sent a brief message via the system, as well as to their e-mail address, outlining the system’s functions. This greeting is waiting for them the first time they log in;

  • Team Spirit evaluation launch message – a team member who launches a new evaluation receives a message via the system and in their inbox with links to the evaluation and an overview of Team Spirit;

  • Forwarding of repeated reminders in response to participants in team evaluation – in the team management module, reminders can now be sent to those being evaluated who have yet to fill in their forms. Users can also add their own remarks to the standard reminder. The text of the standard reminder is displayed in the language of the recipient's user interface.
  • For example, if your HR manager uses the system in Estonian, but he wants to send a reminder to Tom, who uses it in English, the text is displayed in English;

  • Choice of languages when completing team evaluation or appraisal forms – if a form is available in a number of languages, the user can select their preferred language.

  • In inviting people who are not registered in the system to join an organisation, take part in a project or fill in an evaluation form, an invitation is now sent in the user interface language of the person sending it.

Enjoy using the system!

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