A goal without a plan is just a dream. 

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Upsteem will help you focus on your plans and to fulfill the goals of you and your team.


Goals of a team, an individual and of the unit. Setting specific goals, entering KPI's, setting team goals, making a plan and keeping tabs on results. A catalog of KPI's and goals made specifically for the organization.

Goals of an individual and of the unit.

Integrate your goal fulfilling with performance interviews or use goal setting function on its own.

You can tie a specific goal to one or more employees. The function includes several useful tools:

  • Individual goal setting function
  • Integrating performance interviews
  • Goals in numbers and graphs
  • Keeping check on your goals
  • Manager confirmation and help on goal setting
  • Adjusting the system to your needs

KPI's, planned goals and results

Solutions made to help organizations fulfill their sales and development goals

You can create specific goals for the sales team and make sure they are hitting their targets. This function is fit to be integrated to work together with several well-known methods.

  • Separate organization KPI catalog 
  • Planning and checking the results of the team
  • Different KPI's types available to be adjusted 
  • A planned user interface graphs
  • Options for integrating with different systems


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